Your personal data are the basis of your (digital) identity

Nowadays, how you are perceived as a person, is largely based on your personal data, and on how these personal data are being used by companies, organizations, and governments. If you control the data they store on you, you control your identity.

That’s what GDPR is about

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) wants to protect your identity, by protecting why, how, and where your personal data are stored and used. The only issue is, that you have to knock on many doors to enforce your rights.

Enforcing your GDPR rights can be cumbersome

Try to view the data one company stores about you – or even try to change it. See how cumbersome that is. You’ll have to send in documents, a copy of your IDcard (wow that’s very private!), use a registered letter to keep track, etc. Pretty Kafka.

Control your rights from one place

That’s why you should try I.CNTRL.ME. This free app allows you to add all the accounts that store data on you, and get in touch via the app to see what these companies store on you, request to change, or even delete your data.

Free app to control your GDPR rights

I.CNTRL.ME is a free app that allows you to control your GDPR rights.

  • Inspect your data: add the companies that store information on you. If you do not know the GDPR responsibles, we’ll go find them for you.
  • Get in touch with the GDPR team: we will get in touch with them on your behalf, and convince them to use I.CNTRL.ME as their preferred interface with you.
  • Request your data: once connected, you can ask them to send your data over a secure line – verify and request eventual changes.
  • Request to be forgotten: or even stronger, ask them to forget about you – we keep track of this request, so they cannot accidentally switch you back on.

Get the app for free

The web app will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2019. Leave your name and mail address here, and we’ll send you the link when the app will be ready for you to use.

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